Battle of the Wilderness


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A storyboard is a set of drawings, arranged in sequence on panels, outlining the scenes that make up the story. These storyboards are in the format of a map. Their purpose is to identify and locate the army units that are pertinent to the story. The maps are a series of snapshots to illustrate the maneuvers and engagements. Army units are generally shown at the brigade level, unless it is necessary to show particular regiments, or at the division level when the maneuver of its brigades are not relevant to the story. Only units applicable to the story are shown. The circa 1864 farms, clearings, and farm-roads were added based on 19th century maps and the 1981 National park overlay. The storyboards were drawn to scale, provided on each, but do not contain a latitude–longitude grid.

Each storyboard is a step in time as the sun rises and sets, followed by a moonless night.


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